Review Request Policy


Review Policy:

Thank you very much for considering me to read and review your book. I love reading most genres; there are some exceptions to this, which I have listed below for you. I would love to read and review your book, but just so you know, I am not a professional writer nor am I an author; I am a professional book reviewer & blogger. I prefer to review hard copies, but I will consider digital, please ask me first. It will just depend highly on the book; I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, since I host book tours and giveaways, I would prefer the hard copy and not eBooks, etc.


Please contact me if you have a book that is more than 480 pages.

Also contact me if the book is an ARC, that takes precedence over all others, same pricing..

Book Review Pricing

Genres I like reading:

• YA/Teen is # 1
• General fiction
• General Non-fiction
• Chick-Lit
• Women's fiction
• Women’s Non-fiction
• Children’s
• Comedy/Humor
• Memoir
• Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
• Crime/Drama
• Christian Fiction
• Christian Non-Fiction
• Self-help
• Romance
• Biographies
• Auto-Biographies
• Fantasy
• Paranormal

Genres I do not read:

• Sci-fi
• Sexually Explicit Material
• History
• Zombies
• Horror/i.e. Blood, gore, ect.

My genre preference does not mean that I will not consider reading outside the box, so please feel free to ask me about any book that you would like me to read and review if it is not on my list. I will not read explicit adult content. I do accept romance novels that have some sexual content in them as long as it is not explicit. If you are not sure, just contact me and let me know what type of sexual content is in the book. Please do not contact me just about reviewing the book, contact me about the content only.

1. I do post honest reviews, so if I did not care for your book I will state this in my review and why I did not like it or vice versa. If for any reason I cannot finish the book I will contact you and let you know why. I do not return books for ANY reason, but you will get a refund. All my reviews are unbiased, so if you do not want an honest unbiased review please do not send a request to me, thank you.

2. Also after reading and reviewing your book, I would also like to host a giveaway of your book on my blog. If you are interested, please let me know that you would like to host a giveaway as well along with the review. Giveaways on my blog have been very successful and I have had great responses from my readers on my past giveaways. 

3. All of my reviews are posted on Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and Amazon are upon request, if you prefer that I post it somewhere else as well please let me know in your request. I will contact you once my review goes live on my blog as well as the link/s to the review. The period for reviewing a book will vary depending on how busy I am, it is first come first serve unless it is an ARC book (see below). I also require that you send me the page count. I only accept paperback or hardback books.

4. If the book is an ARC it will be moved to the top of my book review list so that I can post the review on or before the release date. If you have a time you want me to post ARC reviews please state it when you send in your request! If not the ARC may not be reviewed in the period you would like it finished.


I am not required to write a positive review for any reason. In addition, the opinions I express are my own. Please Note: I do NOT and I am NOT under any obligation to return books that I have reviewed or a book I cannot finish for reasons you will be contacted about.

FTC Disclosure:

I do get monetary compensation by publishers, authors or person requesting the review. If the book was received free from the Thomas Nelson through the Booksneeze bloggers program or Worthy Publishing through the Waterbrook bloggers program, it will be mentioned at the end of my review.

For Review Request Submissions:

Please Click HereTo Send In Your Request!  (Form Will Pop Up In Separate Window, Thank You!)
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