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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Bestselling author and pastor John Hagee’s new Bible prophecy book, The Power of the Prophetic Blessing, offers an exciting message of encouragement and blessing for today and for generations to come.

He says, “You have the ability, through the power of the blessing, to revolutionize your life. Every blessing recorded in Scripture is available to you for the asking. These blessings have the power to resurrect your dead marriage, bring supernatural joy, and provide you peace of mind.”

For God’s people, prophecy is a word of hope, deliverance, bounty, and richness for their life and family. When God blesses man, it is to bestow good health, abundant success, and prosperity, both materially and spiritually. Hagee shows how this powerful prophetic message of blessing flows throughout the Bible and can be used today to create an abundant and prosperous life. The Power of the Prophetic Blessing demonstrates your God-given power to prosper in challenging times. You were born to be blessed!

This book correlates teachings from several profound texts, namely the spiritual philosophy of A Course in Miracles and a rendition of The Gospel of Thomas, a collection of Sayings from the time of Jesus. The hidden keys unearthed from these combined resources will help us delve deeper into the metaphysical meanings of life, and strive to answer universal spiritual questions that have eluded mankind's awareness for generations.

We will endeavor to understand our purpose in life and our reason for being. Our aim is to methodically decipher how to draw closer to our Source, and to understand how to overcome past obstacles that have prevented that joyous reunion from occurring. As we embark upon the path of forgiveness our perceptions will change as to what we consider real and important.

We become joyfully reacquainted with a different Guide than we have traveled with in the past, One who will smooth our way and make straight our path. With these keys in hand, we will gain the knowledge that enables us to see beyond form to the formless, and unite once again with the flawless Vision that sees our True Self as it really is.

Young and beautiful, Gretchen Deen was beginning to live the life she always dreamed of. She was successful in her budding career, nice apartment, decent car, and well-liked by everyone she met. As head personal trainer, she was accustomed to the flirtatious male customers at the gym where she worked.

Rarely did she date any of them, however, one very persistent young man swept her off her feet into a whirlwind nightmare. Objections were disregarded violently. Gretchen desperately needed to take a bad situation and turn it into something good. AWESOME BOOK!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

My Review Of Black Purple Sky By Colleen Wait


I could really relate to this book, as I have been there in my past many years ago at a very vulnerable time in my life. Gretchen was a personal trainer at the gym and had it all, a great job, wonderful apartment, a family who loved her dearly. But she did not date much as she enjoyed the life she worked so hard to build. She was used to guys flirting with her at the gym, but one man In particular was very persistent and before she even realized it she was swept off of her feet.

The romance began like any other with all the love and attention on her, and then suddenly Gretchen found herself in a nightmare. She had to get out, she had to run for her life, but who would help her escape such monsters? Full of suspense, mystery, an edge of your seat novel. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense, and a book you can't put down. I found Black Purple Sky to be an awesome read, and I would like to thank Colleen for giving me the opportunity to read and review her book. I do apologize Colleen that it took me a while to get to your book since I had quite a few ahead of yours, but it was worth all the others I went through to get to yours, God bless!

Click Here To Read Chapter One

About The Author

Colleen Wait is married with 4 children.Colleen grew up in Houston, Texas where she graduated from The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She has been very involved in her church's youth activities including children's musical, Daughter's of the King, SonQuest and various other youth events. She recently was involved in a local mission trip with her church's youth group. She is an avid reader, especially the classics and began writing short stories in elementary school. Colleen is also a runner who began racing 5K's in 2009. She has run two half-marathons and one full marathon. Colleen's son Devin is in the Air Force. His photograph graces the cover of 'Mount Mission'. To date, Colleen has written and published 8 books available as e-book and paperback. Colleen also works as an editor and proofreader.

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