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Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Tour & GIVEAWAY Of Spirit Legend By Florence Witkop

Spirit Legend (Legend Series #1)
A Paranormal Romance.


Charlie, forester for Macallister Outdoors' corporate wilderness retreat takes Ian Macallister, the owner and her boss, to inspect a newly purchased tract of forest with a tiny lake in the center that fascinates Ian because of the legend of a spirit that resides in the lake.  While there, they see strange lights and hear unearthly music but, before they can investigate further, a storm strands them and destroys the beaver dam that created the lake. Ian insists they stay and repair the dam, even though the corporate center also suffered damage, to save the spirit long enough for him to discover what it is.  In their enforced closeness, Charlie fights her attraction to Ian because she refuses to become half of a workplace affair.  After repairing the dam and leaving, they talk often about their experience and eventually return. During the return trip, Charlie's attraction to Ian grows still stronger.  At the lake, they discover the spirit is real and is the only thing that can save
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