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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guest Post By William Y. Higgins

8 Keys to Crafting a Summary Statement of God’s Creation for Your Résumé

Do you view your résumé as a description of you as God’s creation? You are uniquely crated by God. It’s important that your résumé reveal what makes you this special person. You’re telling your story, the story of how God put you together and what He’s done in your vocational life.

God has made you both complex and unique, and you need to be able to capitalize on that when writing your résumé. Your skills, abilities, experiences, particular positions, even the companies you’ve worked for are all part of God’s plan. These are all gifts He has given you to help you become all He wants you to be. Do you view your résumé from that perspective?

Summary Statement

This is your opportunity to show God’s uniqueness expressed in you.
Your summary statement spells out what you have that could benefit the employer. This brings value to employers. You need to take a few lines to sell them on your unique qualities, those qualities that will set you apart from other candidates. Your summary statement is a brief description of these qualities and the way God has made and gifted you.

Each topic that follows is a key part of what
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